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Frank Magliato’s Interests & Passions

October 17, 2019

Frank Magliato

Frank Magliato is passionate about many business interests, non-profits, and fields of work. He sits on the Board of Directors for a number of different companies, including Capital Trading Group, Nabali Investments, Guardian Finance Group, Consorcio Vista Verde, and Veragold Mining Company. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Guardian Foundation, a non-profit which donates to help improve the health and welfare of children in Panama.

Frank Magliato has been involved in, and even led, a number of businesses. He was President of Telecorp Inc., a telecommunications company he financed and operated. He would later found, finance, and operate Digitec2000 Inc., a company he led as President. Additionally, Frank Magliato later became President of Saddle River Associates & Company.